Advertising Boot Camp



Are you an animal living inside a human’s body? Then this Boot Camp might just be for you. We’re looking for 12 of the world’s most crafty and gritty survivalists to join our agency for a rigorous two-week camp, indoors. We need people with the ability to handle stress and maneuver out of impossible situations. People who can find their way back to civilization, with or without a map.

Will there be blood? Depends. How good are you with knives?

// Have a sense of humor
// Love people
// Work harder
// Want to conquer the world
// Are annoyingly competitive
// Take showers (Or baths)

You’ll be split into teams and left stranded in the agency with nothing but jewel-toned Post-it Notes and your intellect to survive. The thing is, we will be watching, challenging, and manipulating the process the entire way.

During Boot Camp, workshops are taught by agency experts from each department establishing the foundational elements of each discipline. Following the workshop phase, you will be given a project for which you’ll handle research, strategy, and campaign development from beginning to end.

The agency will be open for team collaboration from 8:00am-5:00pm daily with MW+C team members holding regular office hours and giving project input. The camp culminates with a presentation to top innovators and business leaders.

Class Size Limit: 12
Dates: July 10, 2017 – July 21, 2017
Cost: $475
Required Reading: Brand vs. Wild by Jonathan David Lewis (Available on Amazon)

To apply, send an introduction and your résumé to Submissions will be accepted April 20th through June 21st. Interviews will be conducted following résumé submission. All candidates will be notified of their acceptance status on or before June 26th.

With a class limit of 12, we encourage students to apply as soon as possible. Please note that MW+C is not accredited and students will not receive college credit for completing this program. What you will receive is real world experience, access to industry experts, and introductory classes to the fast-moving world of marketing and advertising. Oh, and it can’t hurt your chances for a full-blown internship or job either.

// Your email looks like it was written by a chimp.
// Your résumé looks like it was written by a chimp.
// You are a chimp.
// You aren’t hungry for life. Show us you want this.
// You dress like a hobo for the interview.
// You’re flaky.

This is the real deal. Hardcore overachievers only please.

Need a little extra insight into what the MWC Boot Camp is like? Check out our previous video below.