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Social Media Contests: A Cautionary Tale

Yes, it is possible to use Instagram as a platform for contests. And yes, several successful contests have been executed on it. But before you choose Instagram as your contest platform, let me share a cautionary tale.


The top 5 misconceptions clients have about consumers

Sometimes clients are their own worst enemies – but don’t take our word for it. To understand the biggest consumer pitfalls facing clients today, we went to the folks working on the frontline of communications for an outside perspective


When Social Goes Wrong

The age of social media has changed the marketing world forever. The days of planning, production timelines and lengthy approval processes are dwindling. With many brands focusing on the pull strategies of social media campaigns, marketing teams have to move at the speed of light and think on their feet. 


Context is King

Did you know that Starbucks, the megacorporation that can throw its weight around to make its vendors do just about anything, uses only 39% recycled paper in the throwaway corrugated sleeves it distributes by the millions? Not too impressive for a company that claims to be forward-thinking.


“Culture Shift” is an Oxymoron

Pointed words and broad commitments make for good headlines but they aren’t going to fix what ails what was once the quintessential American corporation. It’s a good lesson for any leader whose organization is facing intractable challenges....