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Great Brands Put Culture First

“true cultural change at your company hasn’t occurred until all your employees, whether top leaders or field workers, are using your values to inform their daily behavior—with customers and with each other.”


When to Fire Your Ad Agency

Week after week, the advertising trades chronicle the tawdry business of client/agency breakups. Like car accidents that nobody wants to see yet everyone gawks at, readers cringe at the carnage, knowing that next time the names in those headlines could be theirs.


The Missing Question in Every ROI Analysis

You can search high and low without finding a single CEO who is against the idea of measuring marketing ROI. There’s simply no way to argue with the practice of quantifying the bang you’re getting for your company’s buck. Most CEOs are properly focused on demanding more and better metrics from their marketing teams.


Competition and Convergence

Convergence is leading to new forms of competition, which is as entertaining to watch as it is instructive. And it's all good for consumers.