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Q2 Check Up

By Steve McKeeMonday, April 5, 2010

Now that we're well into 2010, how's your company doing?

Are your objectives clear? Is your team operating like a well-oiled machine? Are you focusing on your core? Are you taking prudent risks?

If you aren't sure about---or don't like---the answers to the above questions, click here to take a confidential, anonymous, three-minute self-diagnosis. By answering twenty questions you'll get a snapshot of how well your company is resisting the destructive internal dynamics I discuss in When Growth Stalls. And you can encourage other members of your team to take it to so you can compare results.

Spend a few minutes today reflecting on how your company is performing and, if necessary, make a minor course correction. It could make a major difference.
By Steve McKeeMonday, April 5, 2010

Steve McKee is president of McKee Wallwork + Company, and author of When Growth Stalls and Power Branding. A marketing strategist for nearly three decades, Steve has been published or quoted in many top news outlets and industry publications, and writes a monthly marketing column for Businessweek.com.