Raise the profile of MW+C leadership to increase agency awareness and generate new business opportunities.


McKee Wallwork + Company is an expert in helping stalled, stuck and stale brands. With two decades of research, three published books and countless case studies, MW+C is a trailblazer in understanding the unique influence of internal dynamics on business growth.

MW+C is a lighthouse. MW+C’s people are the light. MW+C needs a lighthouse keeper.

As the keeper you are responsible for making sure the lighthouse remains visible and effective. This isn’t just another humdrum job. You must keep the light on from dusk til dawn, ensuring the beacon burns bright for those in need of direction. You’re constantly scanning the environment, staying alert to industry trends and leveraging opportunities that match MW+C’s expertise.


// Leadership Promotion
— Leverage existing media relationships and cultivate new contacts within business and industry media
— Build relationships with other thought leaders to increase industry awareness
— Book agency leaders on podcasts, media appearances, conferences and publications
— Coordinate and facilitate all public relations interactions
// Agency Promotion
— Develop and manage MW+C’s marketing & PR plan including goals, strategy, and tactics
— Promote and manage agency projects and events
— Help pitch new and existing MW+C products
— Nominate MW+C and its leaders for community, thought-leadership, and industry awards
// Content Development
— Create and curate content marketing that will drive engagement
— Manage and develop website content
— Manage and develop the MW+C newsletter
— Create content for press releases, bylines, etc.
// Analytics
— Monitor, analyze and communicate results on a monthly basis
— Share results agency-wide quarterly
— Teach the MW+C team about successful tactics, lessons, and new industry trends

Send your resume and cover letter to

McKee Wallwork and Company is an award winning, full service ad agency. Our IT department is looking for a part-time employee who is available 15 – 20 hours/week to handle daily IT needs in the agency.

Responsibilities include:
// Computer support experience (Windows, Mac), recent Mac experience a plus
// Server support experience (Windows, UNIX/Linux)
// General hardware/network support experience (printers, network devices, tablets, phones, etc.)

Skills & attributes required:
// A good understanding of network technologies
// A good troubleshooter
// A good communicator
// Interest in learning and expanding current capabilities

Please submit resume and cover letter to:
Max Terchila
IT Director, McKee Wallwork and Company