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Whenever and Wherever They Demand It

By Steve McKeeMonday, April 30, 2012

Payment processing firm WorldPay recently released its Global Online Shopper Report, comparing and contrasting the online shopping behavior of consumers in 15 nations.

In addition to revealing significant variations by country in online shopping patterns, the report identified a notable channel fragmentation trend, as desktop and laptop purchases increasingly give way to shopping via smartphone.  According to the report, 19% of consumers have used a mobile device to make a purchase online. That’s one in five people—at a time when many companies don’t even have a mobile website, to say nothing of e-commerce capabilities.

WorldPay’s Philip McGriskin pointed out that the trend "is expanding the audience of potential consumers for merchants to target but, in tandem, presents challenges in offering the best experience for these consumers whenever and wherever they demand it."

Whenever and wherever they demand it. That should send a chill down your spine.

A world of increasing fragmentation calls for increasing integration. And it’s not even enough to have a fully integrated marketing program—integration must extend to all aspects of the enterprise, from awareness building to transaction processing all the way through CRM.  This trend has as radically changed the way our firm serves its clients as the way they serve their customers.

Not so long ago, it was enough to have great strategy and big ideas. Today, even the best ideas have a hard time getting off the ground as consumers’ media and purchasing options—not to mention their attention spans—grow increasingly fragmented. While perfect integration is unachievable, companies that do the best job of harmonizing all of their consumer touchpoints have a decided advantage.
By Steve McKeeMonday, April 30, 2012

This smart looking guy is our agency’s president. When he’s not sitting in his not-so-oval office looking official, he’s busy...