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Advertising Boot Camp



Details for 2018 Winter Boot Camp coming soon…

We’re looking for 12 of the world’s most crafty and gritty survivalists to join our agency for a rigorous two-week boot camp, indoors. We need people with the ability to handle extreme stress and maneuver out of impossible situations. People who can find their way back to civilization, with or without a map.

Our Boot Camp kicks off with workshops led by agency experts from our media, strategy and creative departments. Students are then forced to apply this newfound marketing knowledge by tackling a business challenge from start to finish. To help you succeed you’ll have access to MW+C experts and agency workspaces every day from 8-5. Boot Camp culminates in a presentation to top business leaders and innovators. Strategy will be ripped apart. Timelines will shift. Chaos will ensue. But hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you smarter.

// Your email looks like it was written by a chimp.
// Your résumé looks like it was written by a chimp.
// You dress like a chimp for the interview.
// You are a chimp.
// You aren’t hungry for life. Show us you want this.
// You’re flaky.

This is the real deal. Overachievers only please.

Please note that MW+C is not accredited and you will not receive college credit for completing this program. Instead, you’ll learn the necessary skills to navigate today’s treacherous and ever-changing marketing wilderness.

Need a little extra insight into what the MW+C Boot Camp is like? Check out our previous video below.