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Confront the Fear of Death, One Episode at a Time


We are proud to announce that our nonprofit team of filmmakers, creatives, and businesses, led by FRENCH Funerals – Cremations, Fueld Films and McKee Wallwork + Co., has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to produce a documentary series about death and how people handle it.

Titled “The Empty Chair,” the documentary hopes to break through death’s taboo by walking into the vacancy that loved ones leave behind. The documentary has been conceived as a series, with each episode exploring how different cultures grieve, inviting viewers to join a positive conversation about death.

The fundraising campaign, which launched on January 30th, has already raised over $4,000 and will be active until February 28th. The team aims to raise $85,000 to complete the pilot episode.

The pilot episode of “The Empty Chair” focuses on the family of Patrick “Pat” Grange, a former University of New Mexico soccer star who passed away after a 17-month battle with ALS. The Grange family honors and remembers Pat through different cultural traditions, including the celebration of Dia de los Muertos.

The pilot episode will join the Grange family on their journey through grief, as they learn to live with the empty chair that Pat left behind. The project has gained substantial support through social media in recent days, with a video telling Pat’s story garnering over 12,000 views on Facebook in just one week.

To donate, please visit our Indiegogo campaign.