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Inventing the Internet

B2B advertising is difficult. The topics are technical, dry, and focused on extremely niche audiences. For ParcelQuest, the sole provider of the most current California property data available online, we needed to break the B2B mold.

So, how do you make B2B land parcel data sexy? You invent an inventor. But not just any inventor. The man so in love with land data that he created the entire internet to give people what they really want–access to it.

Of course, when you have the man who invented the internet on your side, that’s also where you advertise. By blending high-impact video units with a high-impact message strategy rarely seen in B2B, we had the makings of something truly special. To date, it is proving to be the most successful campaign the brand has ever seen, with a 155% increase in campaign-attributable site visits, a 246% increase in actual clicks on ad units, and a cost-per-site-visit 53% below our goal.