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Bridging the Sales and Marketing Divide

Sometimes solving a strategic brand problem is just the beginning.

Rehrig Pacific is one of the largest container manufacturers in the U.S. Its small marketing team had two main challenges; supporting a large sales team’s overwhelming collateral needs and getting the sales team engaged in social media.

When they asked us to handle all of their collateral needs, we said we’d love to take the money, but there might be a better way. Instead of hiring an army of designers to fulfill its needs, we decided to develop a fully automated SaaS design platform in-house.

The client also asked us to support its sales team’s social media presence. We used our in-house built Swellstarter, an online dashboard that allows salespeople to log in, review and change pre-populated posts, then click a button. Swellstarter takes care of the rest, posting directly to the sales team’s personal accounts.

The branding problem was difficult, but solving it was just the beginning. By the end we had equipped a small marketing operation to support an enormous sales team with a powerful brand. Because the modern ad agency can’t stop with ideas. It has to bring them to market.