The core of every business is dying.

is dying.

Businesses, relationships…even you. As Sir George Buckley famously said above, everything is in a constant state of decay. Sorry to lead with the bad news, but the first step is recognizing the problem, right?

We eat, exercise, water our plants, and nurture friendships because we know what happens if we don’t. Business is no different. Staying relevant to your customers, your partners, your investors, and your employees requires constant, focused effort. And if you’re not getting the results you’d like, here’s the good news:

You’re already where you need to be.

Shattered pieces from a larger red rock

Life requires growth.

But not all growth is good.

Maybe you finally landed that big customer, but you can’t shake the feeling that your internal culture is crumbling. Or maybe you shored up a nagging process challenge…just as profits plunged. Or perhaps you haven’t reached your goal at all, and you’re starting to doubt yourself altogether.

We all want to reach the next milestone, but nobody in business school warned you that you’d have to choose the right road first.

You have dragons to slay.

The business world is full of dragons. They take many forms, some of them slumbering atop previous successes. Using storytelling as a tool, The Kingdom and The Dragon: A Business Fable explores the cycle of birth and death at the heart of all businesses to empower you to build a better outcome. Either you slay the dragon, or it slays you.

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Choose wisely.

Strategist Richard Rumelt observed, "The most important element of a strategy is a coherent viewpoint about the forces at work. Not a plan.” Too often, the plan comes first, before we’ve taken time to study the forces at work and develop a coherent viewpoint about them.

Planning is easy compared to the hard work of really understanding what’s going on, and forming a leader’s viewpoint about how your company will survive – and thrive – through it all.

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