Available Positions

If you think you’d be a great fit for any of the positions below, please submit your résumé to Dayna Melvin at We look forward to meeting you.


McKee Wallwork has an opening for the newly created role of Scheduler within the expanding Operations Department.

The Scheduler is responsible for all calendars for the company as a whole. At McKee Wallwork, we believe that all of business is about relationships—and relationships happen when people come together. MW is an unusual place in that meetings are where our work actually gets done. The Scheduler is a vital role, responsible for ensuring that the right people are always able to come together at the right times, to do the right work.

This job requires impeccable organizational skills and attention to detail. It also requires good interpersonal skills, good judgment, and the ability to shrewdly manage competing priorities and interests.


  • Manages the calendars of all six directors, including regular interactions to ensure time management goals and priorities are being met.
  • Works with parties inside and outside the agency to mitigate conflicts and reschedule meetings and appointments as needed.
  • Schedules all internal meetings as requested by colleagues, interfacing primarily with the Operations, Sales, and Client Service teams.
  • Coordinates, books, and arranges all agency travel.
  • Reschedules conflicts as they arise; ensures that no double-bookings are occurring and that all calendars remain clear, unambiguous, and helpful.
  • Calendars, schedules, manages, and protects recurring meetings, while also understanding when standing meetings can take a backseat to more pressing matters.
  • Ensures availability for key work periods, blocks, and recurring holds to be kept available for client meetings and pitches.
  • Seeks out and recommends opportunities to improve overall agency efficiency and use of time.
  • Produces reports as requested on agency use of time, trends, and opportunities for optimization.
  • Assists with ad-hoc project management and administrative tasks as available.


  • Impeccable organizational skills are vital to this role.
  • Must be detail-oriented. The tiniest details in this role can have major implications, for better and for worse.
  • Strong interpersonal skills are important to handle rescheduling and conflicts in a manner that strengthens relationships.
  • This role will often be presented with competing needs and priorities. Good judgment and a cool head are important.


This role will work primarily within Google Suite, especially Gmail and Google Calendar.

Client Services Manager

McKee Wallwork is looking to add a Client Services Manager to our existing team to support our growth.

The ideal Client Services Manager is a natural leader, an extrovert, somebody who has an easy time forming relationships, and the kind of person whose contagious, winning enthusiasm tends to get others on board. A CSM at MW is smart (we tackle tough problems in creative ways), humble (able to listen to and learn from clients and colleagues alike), and hungry (you can’t drive a client’s business forward if you’re not driven yourself).

The biggest, most momentous deals in history (think peace accords and political alliances) are all said to have a broker—somebody bringing the parties together, finding a way forward, and getting everybody on board. The Client Services Manager is responsible for brokering alignment amongst all parties involved in every single assignment. The concrete, specific, day-to-day decisions of how the whole band plays in sync come down to your ability to hear everybody’s perspectives and marshal a way forward, whether through a carefully worded email or a masterfully led sixteen-person all-hands meeting.

This role is responsible for setting forth the parameters of each project, but also for championing their reconsideration where necessary. This means understanding all the stakeholders, internalizing their respective interests and needs, and recognizing how to thread the needle to bring them all into alignment. Most of the time everybody else will see only their sheet of music. It’s your job to conduct the orchestra (though usually not to write the piece) so that it all comes together masterfully.

This is not a project management position. While a CSM must be organized, your people skills and your enthusiasm are far more important than your affinity for color coding and spreadsheets.

Our clients and our teams will rely on you to be the steady, unflappable, and reliable guide who will be clear-minded and level-headed when the ambiguity is thick and the bullets are flying. You have the wisdom and perspective to clearly frame the challenge for all involved, and then to help them get there.

The ideal candidate is exceptional at recognizing what people want (we usually say we’re good at helping people determine what they need, not necessarily what they want) and the path to get them there. You don’t just see obstacles; you do the hard work of bringing everything and everyone together to overcome those obstacles and reach the finish line. You’re not just decisive, but you can think (really think – process and consider and reconsider a situation) on the fly. Translating strategy into thousands of tactical decisions in a single day comes naturally for you, and it’s invigorating.

You think ahead. You look forward. You want to know how your client is doing, you know what they’re going to ask you next, you know what’s keeping them up at night, and you already have a thoughtful answer prepared, a plan in your back pocket, and a few teammates chasing down various angles in the meantime. You seek opportunities. You stay one step ahead of everyone else. You create confidence. You fix things. You are the force.

When your clients have a problem, they call you. They don’t know how you’re going to fix it or figure it out, just that you will. You don’t know all the answers but you’re not afraid of anything and you know the questions it takes to get to the answers. If a tough call needs to be made you know how to define it and frame it, and who to bring in. When you do, you’ve laid all the groundwork so that your colleagues’ task is straightforward, and you understand how to unify the parts so that the end product sings. You might not get to take a bow for that flawless violin solo, but you take silent pride in knowing it happened at just the right moment, under your baton.

Key Characteristics

Extroverted               Enthusiastic                 Encouraging                Charismatic

Empathetic                Dependable                Communicative           Persistent

In practical terms

  • Grow existing business
  • Lead the client
  • Guide and protect the team
  • Foster and deepen relationships
  • Problem solving
  • Curious about the client’s business and problems
  • Outcome based
  • Skills focused
  • Team-based deliverables

Project Manager

McKee Wallwork is recruiting a Project Manager to support our growth and build our team.

The Project Manager’s objective is to get the right work, right, to the right place at the right time in the right way. The PM is the guardrail of the agency, keeping us from careening off the road. The PM is responsible for quality assurance, for making sure all processes are being utilized, and for ensuring that no project or task, no matter how small, slips through the cracks. The PM supervises workflow, keeps things moving, watches for potential trainwrecks, and raises the flag when trouble is coming. The PM works under the Operations Director to direct, allocate, project, and protect the creative team’s resources. This job takes charm, discipline, an expert knowledge of the English language, and obsessive attention to detail along with proven project management experience.


Day-to-Day Job Management

When layouts, scripts, designs, instructions, briefs, etc. are coming and going between departments, the PM directs the job to its next step, ensures everyone knows when they’re on base and what’s coming, and keeps the job status current in our project management software.

Task Management

The PM manages agency jobs in our project management software, creating and maintaining the associated tasks and schedules, noting important details, and directing them to the appropriate next steps. The PM also manages the implementation of our folder structure, holding teams accountable to ensure that all files and assets are properly cataloged, titled, and stored.

Schedules & Bandwidth

The PM manages team and resource availability and allocation, tracks bandwidth of each Art and Digital Department member, and sources projects to external partners when necessary. They communicate internal workload concerns and project assignments with the Operations Department regularly.

Delivery + Traffic

The PM is responsible for the final delivery of all work products, whether to the client (via the Client Service team) or to the media vendor (directly). The PM tracks due dates and prepares print packages and any applicable instructions for delivery to the appropriate vendors. The PM collaborates with a diverse team from a variety of different departments to ensure project continuity. They distill necessary information to relevant team members and communicate updates and issues that arise in a timely manner.


The PM makes sure that no work ever reaches the Client Service team (and, by extension, the client) with a typo, error, or in (accidental) conflict with the instructions of the assignment. The PM takes full responsibility when work is anything but completely error-free, and therefore checks and vouches for the veracity and correctness of every single piece of work.


The PM files jobs, writes POs, and manages documents, folders, and files related to the trafficking of finished products to media vendors.