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When are you?

We’ve spent over 20 years studying the factors associated with healthy growth across thousands of companies. One key to understanding the right strategy is the overwhelming correlation between specific challenges and when a company is. The laws of physics apply differently to black holes than they do to the particles within atoms. The laws of business apply differently to disruptive startups than they do to commoditized mainstays. To know where to go, first understand when you are in the cycles of business.

Businesses in Acceleration are defined by aggressive growth and a dynamic culture (and the challenges and opportunities that come along with it).

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Growth within your reach.

How are you (really)?

The business press loves to associate growth (or lack thereof) with external forces beyond our control. But no business owner is content to fail just because there’s a recession or a new competitor in town. Our research has demonstrated time and again that healthy growth – even in the face of external headwinds – is closely linked to what’s going on inside the company. Even in a downturn, a volatile market, or an inflationary danger zone, the factors most likely to decide the fate of your company are the ones you have the greatest ability to influence. Click on the links below to learn more about each force (and how you wrestle with them).

Of the four factors most closely correlated with the growth of a company, alignment is perhaps the most important, and the most fragile.

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Become who you were designed to be.


Most of our work begins with a research component—identifying the “forces at work.” This includes both primary and secondary research vital for business owners to get their bearings. From Culture Compass® internal diagnostics to market-wide Awareness, Preference, and Geo-Demo studies, we start by answering the question, “What’s going on?”


The most successful brands, like the most successful people, know exactly who they are. Everything else stems from that. Defining your brand’s identity in simple, compelling terms that will inspire internal and external audiences is essential to long-term success, and is our core competency.


It’s a word we use a little differently around here. Marketing is expressing your identity to your audience by the most effective means necessary. That might be a banner ad, an architectural plan for your office space, or even a new business model. We help you be you in all the right places.

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