The first step to addressing any business challenge is understanding the forces at work. You may think you have a good handle on what ails your company, or you may not. Either way, the more you learn, the better off you’ll be. We’d like to help you learn as much as you can.

For more than twenty years, we’ve been collecting data on thousands of companies to understand the internal dynamics impacting growth, culture, health, and identity. Every company that completes the survey makes it more valuable to the next. While no two organizations or situations are exactly alike, we all experience similar challenges as our companies grow, thrive, and struggle with the vagaries of business.

The survey takes less than five minutes, it’s completely confidential, and we won’t hold you hostage by requiring your email address to get your results. We’re happy to provide a mirror you can hold up to your operation so you can get a sense of exactly where your company is and what its issues might be. It’s up to you to decide if you’d like our advice.