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All successful organizations must navigate their way through the Disruption Cycle, but few understand the dangerous internal dynamics that can keep them from maintaining momentum. This confidential 5-minute assessment (based on research conducted among thousands of companies) can diagnose your company’s trajectory and give you a sense of what factors are helping, or hindering, your momentum.

1. Our competitive differentiation is growing.

2. "Shooting from the hip" isn't working anymore.

3. We're just trying to survive.

4. We'll fix the brand when we get to it.

5. We're achieving our marketing objectives.

6. We need a new business model.

7. We're trying to be all things to all people.

8. We don't invest enough in training.

9. The loyalty of our customers continues to grow.

10. We don't invest enough in R&D.

11. Margins are tighter than they were a year ago.

12. I'm more bullish on our future than I was a year ago.

13. The marketplace has changed and we don't know our place in it.

14. Our customers know what we stand for.

15. Revenue is more important than profit right now.

16. We have a lot of false starts.

17. There is a lot of gossip at work.

18. Work is harming my personal relationships.

19. We operate like a well-oiled machine.

20. We are funding our marketing plan sufficiently.

21. I'm not sure what we stand for.

22. We have recently gone through an acquisition or will soon go through one.

23. Our creative has won industry awards.

24. We're struggling to keep up with demand.

25. We have recently gone through a merger or will soon go through one.

26. We can't keep up with staffing needs.

27. We have recently gone through leadership succession or will soon go through it.

28. Office politics are really getting in the way.

29. We're more opportunistic than strategic.

30. We're achieving our goals with increasing efficiency.

31. We have clearly defined marketing objectives.

32. Ready. Fire. Aim.

33. We are good at employee retention.

34. Our company is embarking on uncharted territory.

35. Our customers fully understand the value we give them.

36. Speed is more important than quality right now.

37. We can't seem to make a decision.

38. Our company is lost.

39. We are constantly battling price pressure.

40. We're experiencing some internal discord.

41. I'd rather spend money improving the product than improving the brand.

42. We tend to over-think things.

43. We're willing to take creative risks.

44. We're fully aligned on strategy.

45. We embrace change.

46. Workarounds are the only way to get things done around here.

47. It's easy for prospects to tell us apart from other companies like us.

48. We are outgrowing our internal systems.

49. I can't stop thinking about work when I go home.

50. Employees are in sync with leadership here.

51. Our growth is outpacing our ability to maintain quality.

52. It's time our company grew up.

53. Of the options below, select one that most accurately describes your company today.

54. What one word sums up your biggest business challenge?

55. What do you fear most about the future of your company?

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