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Most organizations suffer from stalled growth at some point in their existence. Yet few understand the dangerous internal dynamics that can keep them from returning to the growth curve. This simple, 20-question assessment (based on research conducted among hundreds of stalled companies) can give you a sense of what may be hindering your turnaround efforts.

1. We tend to over-think things.

2. We are funding our marketing plan sufficiently.

3. We're achieving our marketing objectives.

4. The loyalty of our customers continues to grow.

5. Ready. Fire. Aim.

6. We operate like a well-oiled machine.

7. It's easy for prospects to tell us apart from other companies like us.

8. We have clearly defined marketing objectives.

9. We're achieving our goals with increasing efficiency.

10. We embrace change.

11. We're experiencing some internal discord.

12. We're fully aligned on strategy.

13. Our competitive differentiation is growing.

14. Our advertising creative has won industry awards.

15. We can't seem to make a decision.

16. The marketplace has changed and we don't know our place in it.

17. We have a lot of false starts.

18. We're willing to take creative risks.

19. We're more opportunistic than strategic.

20. I'm more bullish on our future than I was a year ago.

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