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Every business — every industry — goes through phases, from inception to acceleration to maturation to saturation to commoditization. Over the past two decades McKee Wallwork + Co. has conducted research among thousands of companies to better understand what we call “The Disruption Cycle™.” We’ve uncovered common reasons companies get derailed, identified early warning signs that indicate trouble may lay ahead, and—most importantly–developed best practice principles for what wise business leaders can do about it.

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The Disruption Cycle Analysis leverages these insights to help us understand where your company is in good shape and where it may need some attention. It’s completely confidential and will take only five minutes of your time. You’ll receive a comprehensive report detailing your answers, identifying your company’s relative strengths and weaknesses, pinpointing your place on the cycle, and offering an insightful look into your company’s internal cultural dynamics.

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No company or industry can escape creative destruction. The wheels of business never stop turning, and business leaders have no choice but to roll with them. We do have a choice, however, between being agents of change or victims of it. Understanding the Disruption Cycle™ will help you ensure that your company remains the former, and this analysis will help you do that.

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