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Client Services Manager

McKee Wallwork is looking to add a new member to our client services team. The ideal Client Services Manager is a natural leader, but a very special type of leader.

The biggest, most momentous deals in history (think peace accords and political alliances) are all said to have a broker – somebody bringing the parties together, finding a way forward, and getting everybody on board. The Client Services Manager is responsible for brokering alignment amongst all parties involved in every single assignment. The concrete, specific, day-to-day decisions of how the whole band plays in sync come down to your ability to hear everybody’s perspectives and marshal a way forward, whether through a carefully worded email or a masterfully-led sixteen-person all-hands meeting.

This role is responsible for setting forth the parameters of each project, but also for championing their reconsideration where necessary. This means understanding all the stakeholders, internalizing their respective interests and needs, and recognizing how to thread the needle to bring them all into alignment. Most of the time everybody else will see only their sheet of music. It’s your job to conduct the orchestra (though usually not to write the piece) so that it all comes together masterfully.

Our clients and our teams will rely on you to be the steady, unflappable, and reliable guide who will be clear-minded and level-headed when the ambiguity is thick and the bullets are flying. You have the wisdom and perspective to clearly frame the challenge for all involved, and then to help them get there.

The ideal candidate will have exceptional organizational skills, will have a bent toward the tactical and tangible over the strategic and ethereal, will love to-do lists and the feeling of getting a big task done, and is good at seeing the hurdles that might impede a project’s success. You don’t just see obstacles; you do the hard work of bringing everything and everyone together to overcome those obstacles and reach the finish line. You can budget, prioritize, and schedule in your sleep. You’re not just decisive, but you can think (really think – process and consider and reconsider a situation) on the fly. Translating strategy into thousands of tactical decisions in a single day comes naturally for you, and it’s invigorating.

You think ahead. You look forward. You want to know how your client is doing, you know what they’re going to ask you next, you know what’s keeping them up at night, and you already have a thoughtful answer prepared, a plan in your back pocket, and a few teammates chasing down various angles in the meantime. You seek opportunities. You stay one step ahead of everyone else. You create confidence. You fix things. You are the force.

When your clients have a problem, they call you. They don’t know how you’re going to fix it or figure it out, just that you will. You don’t know all the answers but you’re not afraid of anything and you know the questions it takes to get to the answers. If a tough call needs to be made you know how to define it and frame it, and who to bring in. When you do, you’ve laid all the groundwork so that your colleagues’ task is straightforward, and you understand how to unify the parts so that the end product sings. You might not get to take a bow for that flawless violin solo, but you take silent pride in knowing it happened at just the right moment, under your baton.

Key Characteristics

If the above describes you, please send a cover letter and resume to Dayna Melvin at