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Available Positions

Production Coordinator

The Production Coordinator’s objective is to get the right work, right, to the right place at the right time in the right way. The PC is the guardrail of the agency, keeping us from careening off the road. The PC is responsible for quality assurance, for making sure all processes are being utilized, and for ensuring that no project or task, no matter how small, slips through the cracks. The PC supervises workflow, keeps things moving, watches for potential trainwrecks, and raises the flag when trouble is coming. The PC works under the Operations Director to direct, allocate, project, and protect the creative team’s resources. This job takes charm, discipline, an expert knowledge of the English language, and obsessive attention to detail. 


Day-to-Day Job Management
When layouts, scripts, designs, instructions, briefs, etc. are coming and going between the Art and Client Service departments, the PC directs the job to its next step, ensures everyone knows when they’re on base and what’s coming, and keeps the job status current in our project management software. 

Task Management
The PC manages agency jobs in our project management software, creating and maintaining the associated tasks and schedules, noting important details, and directing them to the appropriate next steps. The PC also manages the implementation of our folder structure, holding teams accountable to ensure that all files and assets are properly cataloged, titled, and stored. 

Schedules & Bandwidth
The PC manages team and resource availability and allocation. Tracks bandwidth of each Art and Digital Department member and sources projects to external partners when necessary. They communicate internal workload concerns and project assignments with Operations Department regularly. 

Delivery + Traffic
The PC is responsible for the final delivery of all work product, whether to the client (via the Client Service team) or to the media vendor (directly). The PC tracks due dates and prepares print packages and any applicable instructions for delivery to the appropriate vendors. The PC collaborates with a diverse team from a variety of different departments to ensure project continuity. They distill necessary information to relevant team members and communicate updates and issues that arise in a timely manner. 

The PC makes sure that no work ever reaches the Client Service team (and, by extension, the client) with a typo, error, or in (accidental) conflict with the instructions of the assignment. The PC takes full responsibility when work is anything but completely error-free, and therefore checks and vouches for the veracity and correctness of every single piece of work. 

The PC files jobs, writes POs, and manages documents, folders, and files related to the trafficking of finished products to media vendors. 

If you’re interested, please send a cover letter and resume to Dayna Melvin at


Client Services Manager

McKee Wallwork is looking to add a new member to our client services team.

The Client Service Manager is the hub of our work, responsible for working directly with clients to understand and frame the task at hand, and then with our internal teams to orient and send them on the right course to solve it.

A given day for a CSM involves client meetings, presentations, project kickoffs, internal check-ins, logistical and budget decisions, evaluation of work product…and a whole lot of change. This is a generalist role responsible for working closely with many specialists, requiring grit, grace, and gumption.

Successful candidates will be:

Smart. You need to be well-read, intelligent, and able to form, test, and re-form theories about rapidly changing information. If you don’t love to learn, this is not the job for you.

Humble. This job requires selflessness. It’s all about setting others up to succeed, which frequently requires sacrificing your own interests, agendas, preferences, and techniques for the greater good of the client and your team.

Hungry. MW has been recognized over and over as one of the very top businesses in our game. Success requires a desire to drive, to push, and to excel – all while building good relationships and finding third-way solutions.

Adaptable. Different clients, colleagues, and tasks all require different communication styles, specialties, timelines, and dynamics. Not only must you understand and frame tradeoffs so that others can make important decisions, you must be able to roll with those punches yourself.

Organized. In a given day, a CSM will be responsible for tens of thousands of dollars, a few hundred emails, a dozen meetings, and no shortage of tough decisions. This is a job for those who never let things slip through the cracks.

Professional. This role reflects not only upon MW, but upon the work we produce and the clients for whom we produce it. An Emily-Post-like understanding of how to “set the table,” metaphorically and sometimes literally, will serve you well.

Energetic. This is a role that makes things happen. Whether leading a sale of a new product to an old client, inspiring a team on a new project, or breathing new life into a stalled assignment, you’re a catalyst for what we do.

Tactical, Practical. This is a job for doers, not dreamers. If you’re a creative, head-in-the-clouds, big-blue-sky-ideas strategic type, we would love to talk to you…but not about this job.

If the above describes you, please send a cover letter and resume to Dayna Melvin at