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The Production Coordinator’s objective is to get the right work, right, to the right place at the right time in the right way. The PC is the guardrail of the agency, keeping us from careening off the road. The PC is responsible for quality assurance, for making sure all processes are being utilized, and for ensuring that no project or task, no matter how small, slips through the cracks. The PC supervises workflow, keeps things moving, watches for potential trainwrecks, and raises the flag when trouble is coming. The PC works under the Creative Operations Designer to direct, allocate, project, and protect the creative team’s resources. This job takes charm, discipline, an expert knowledge of the English language, and an obsessive attention to detail.


Day-to-Day Job Management

When layouts, scripts, designs, instructions, briefs, etc. are coming and going between Creative and Accounts, the PC directs the job to its next step, ensures everyone knows when they’re on base and what’s coming, and keeps the job status current in our project management software.


The PC makes sure that no work ever reaches the Accounts team (and, by extension, the client) with a typo, error, or in (accidental) conflict with the instructions of the assignment. The PC takes full responsibility when work is anything but completely error-free, and therefore checks and vouches for the veracity and correctness of every single piece of work.

Task Management

The PC manages agency jobs in our project management software, creating and maintaining the associated tasks and schedules, noting important details and directing them to the appropriate next steps. The PC also manages the implementation of our folder structure, holding teams accountable to ensure that all files and assets are properly catalogued, titled, and stored.

Schedules & Bandwidth

The PC works closely with Accounts and Creative in making sure that all jobs are moving along to their next step per the assigned schedule. It’s Accounts’ job to manage information and the Creative’s job to manage their workload, but the PC serves as our one and only guardrail, making sure that the team is alerted when a job is in jeopardy of falling behind schedule.

Delivery + Traffic

The PC is responsible for the final delivery of all work product, whether to the client (via the accounts team) or to the media vendor (directly). The PC tracks due dates and prepares print packages and any applicable instructions for delivery to the appropriate vendors. The PC checks licensing, sets up creative rotations and delivers materials and instructions to stations/publications/media vendors in a timely manner. The PC manages the analogous components for digital media, setting up and tests campaigns in DoubleClick, generating floodlight tags, emailing tags to sites, etc.

Insertion Orders

Production schedules are set by Accounts based on media flowcharts and agreements with the client, but the PC checks production schedules against IOs to ensure agreement, and flags any conflicts.


The PC files jobs, writes POs, covers the front desk as needed, and manages documents, folders, and files related to the trafficking of finished products to media vendors.

To be considered for this position, please send your cover letter and résumé to Shannon Mitchell at