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Brand Executive

There’s a Peanut’s comic strip where Peppermint Patty asks Charlie Brown, “Chuck what do you think
security is?” Charlie Brown says, “Security? Security is sleeping in the backseat of the car when you’re a
little kid, and you’ve been somewhere with your mom and dad… and it’s nighttime. You’re riding in the
car, and you can sleep in the back seat, and you don’t have to worry about anything. Your mom and dad
are in the front seat and they’re doing all the worrying. They take care of everything.”

At McKee Wallwork and Company, we specialize in walking stalled, stuck, and stale companies through
change. It’s the only path a brand can take to become the type of company it was designed to be. And
it’s hard. And scary. And in our opinion, worth every effort. But with the right people at the wheel,
groups of people can be guided through change assuredly, and sometimes even enjoyably. It doesn’t
mean it’s not dangerous. It simply means the car must be filled with plenty of trust and steadfastness to
calm any worry. Also, a reliable navigation system doesn’t hurt.

We are looking for a Brand Executive to join our team. The Brand Executive is responsible for building
strong relationships with a broad team of specialists and clients to walk alongside brands as they
transform into the companies, teams, and employees they were all designed to be. At its heart, the
Brand Executive role is sitting in the front seat of the metaphorical car. They are fixated on the road
ahead with a mind to all the various details, efforts, and resources necessary to arrive at the destination
with as little drama as possible. Sometimes they drive, but mostly they’re a valuable source of calm and

Key Responsibilities

Human beings fight change. And so do businesses. Yet change is always required to get back to growth,
and there’s no one, right path through change. This means there’s hardly ever a map. What defines an
expert is not having all the answers, but rather, being a dependable source for finding answers. The
Brand Executive is responsible for shepherding teams and clients through the often ambiguous process
of change.

The biggest, most momentous deals in history (think peace accords and political alliances) are all said to
have had a broker: somebody bringing all the parties together, finding a way forward, and getting
everybody on board. The Brand Executive is responsible for setting forth the parameters of each project,
but also for championing their reconsideration where necessary. This means understanding all the
stakeholders, internalizing their respective interests and needs, and recognizing how to thread the
needle to bring them all into alignment.

Key Characteristics

Organized, Realistic, Punctual, Encouraging, Empathetic, Dependable, Communicative, Persistent
If you’re intrigued, please send a cover letter and resume to Dayna Melvin at