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Available Positions

Programmatic Media Buyer

People don’t hate advertising. They hate bad advertising. Bad advertising is that which rudely interrupts
peoples’ already busy days to peddle products or services that are of no interest. It’s also advertising that
is tactless, irrelevant, badly timed, sometimes ugly, and plain ol’ boring. If you’ve ever wished that
someone would teach intrusive advertisements some manners, then we should talk.

We are seeking a Programmatic Media Buyer to join our integrated media team. McKee Wallwork and
Company is a 24-year old advertising agency located in Albuquerque, NM who has always fought to put
the right message in front of the right people at the right time and in the right way. It was a little easier
back when there were only a handful of media channels. Today’s growing number of media choices
requires specialized knowledge and experience in so many different fields that is too much for any one
person to manage. Thankfully, in this situation, the robots are here to save us. But behind every robot
mind is a brilliant person holding it accountable to what true success looks like.

The person we’re looking for requires experience in paid search and programmatic buying including
display, video, OTT, etc. Short of that, we’re looking for the brilliant mind who can scale a steep learning
curve and become a valuable member of the integrated media team. Icing on the digital cake would
include paid social and/or media planning experience. This role can be remote; however, culture is really
important here. We believe the best way to build culture is to be around each other, therefore in-office is
preferred. Below are the key expectations and characteristics for this role.

Key Expectations
– Evaluate, negotiate, plan and purchase media through programmatic display, direct display, video,
– Oversee tagging, reporting, trafficking, optimizing, pacing etc. of programmatic campaign
– Analyze data and provide actionable insights—measure KPIs against benchmarks
– Advanced knowledge of Excel
– Knowledge of syndicated media research & systems (Nielsen, comScore, Acxiom, Epsilon, etc.)

Key Characteristics
– Honest
– Diligent
– Curious
– Collaborative
– Dependable
– Teachable
– Motivated

If you’re intrigued, please send a cover letter and resume to Dayna Melvin at

Account Coordinator

Account Management is the bridge of the agency. You are responsible for making and
maintaining the connection between our clients and our internal teams. Strong communication,
organizational and relationship-building skills are essential. A positive, enthusiastic attitude is
vital. Patience and empathy are also important. But most important of all is problem-solving
thinking. We must inspire our clients as well as our colleagues with our insights and ideas. We
motivate the team rather than dictate.

– Day-to-day Coordination

Reporting to and supporting the Account Executive by progressively managing more
responsibilities including meeting scheduling, project management, email communications, and
addressing regular client needs as they arise.

– Client Management Assistance

Communicating face to face with client and internal team eloquently while sharing accurate
information and addressing regular client needs as they arise. Assisting the Account Executive
with client relationship management including sending emails, attending meetings, taking notes,
and scheduling.

– Project Management

Disseminating information from client to internal team and vice versa; scheduling key
checkpoints; working with each agency department to ensure respective needs are being
addressed and fulfilled on time and on budget. Working with internal team members to
continuously move projects forward.

– Budgets & Billing

Assisting the Account Executive in monitoring job budgets, pulling and updating budget
documents; compiling, revising, and entering estimates; and playing a supporting role in the
monthly billing process.

– Meeting Preparation

Responsible for making sure all meetings are prepared for, executed, and followed up on with
excellence. Ensuring that meeting times and locations are properly communicated between the
client and the agency; preparing and having available all needed briefs, presentations, and
meeting materials in advance of both internal and external meetings. Working with the Agency
Coordinator to ensure meeting spaces are properly prepared for to client meetings.

– Meeting Summaries & Creative Briefs

Attending client meetings with the agency team; taking thorough notes in all meetings; drafting
and reviewing meeting summaries and ensuring that notes are delivered to the client on time.

– Research

Compiling and preparing competitive and market research including data dives, general industry
research for client verticals, industry publications, and other research assignments as needed to
support the account team.

– Required Skills

Bachelor’s degree preferred
Experience in client relationship-building
Excellent communication skills including writing, grammar, and syntax
Ability to proofread a variety of business documents including emails, creative layouts, and
Highly organized and detail-oriented
Competent on Google and MS Office

If you’re intrigued, please send a cover letter and resume to Dayna Melvin at