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You’re smart, diplomatic, creative, communicative, persuasive, knowledgeable, organized, sensitive,
empathetic, honest, wise, and courageous. You love business and you know why it works, when it works
and how it works. You believe in true creativity: in refreshing, distinctive ideas that show respect for the intelligence of their target. You can provide examples of smart marketing and smart business strategy
work on-the-spot, you’re leading your teams to create it, and you’re on the lookout for the next
opportunity for your client to lead their industry with it.

An Account Executive is a skilled tactician who also shows great promise as a strategist. You’re organized, prepared, and thorough. You have an intimate knowledge of every detail of your client’s
positioning, history, budget, long-term and short-term plans, pain points, and objectives.

But you don’t stop at the facts. You use your creativity to add insight to knowledge, which allows you to
develop strategies and new ideas that go beyond the expected and help your clients rise above their

You see the big picture, and you line up the resources and details needed for success. You don’t see any
task as above you or below you. Whether you’re writing a brief for a groundbreaking new campaign or
dialing in a spreadsheet for a new budget proposal, you bring all your skills together in the service of our client.

You’re a communicator. You’re able to equip everyone else in the agency with the tools they need to get
the job done, and then lead them through to success. You don’t just share facts, you inspire brilliance.
You’re a skilled advocate, helping the agency better serve the client by strengthening the relationship
from every side. You’re comfortable in your role as the client’s primary representative within the
agency, and as the agency’s primary representative to the client.

People like you, and they trust you, because your insight is a blessing to them. You simplify massive
problems into manageable pieces that people can understand and see themselves conquering. That
goes for the internal teams who rely on you for leadership and clear direction, and the clients who see
you as an extension of their own marketing department.

You love to learn: about the client, about their industry, about marketing, and about how to get better.
You don’t settle for easy answers, but see every puzzle as a treasure hunt. You love the journey, not just
the destination, and your enthusiasm is contagious.

In a typical day, you’ll lead a client presentation, brief a creative team, review and send invoices, provide research for the media department, coach an account coordinator on how to write a better meeting
summary, write a darn good meeting summary yourself, quell a tough situation with a frustrated client,
and invent a new way of solving an old problem.

But there’s no typical day. We’re leading our firm and our clients through the wild, and the only
guarantee is that everything will change.

This position requires a Bachelor’s degree and travel up to 15% of the time. To be considered for this position, please send your cover letter and résumé to Dayna Melvin at