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Available Positions

Client Services Admin Assistant

McKee Wallwork and Company is a group of smart, creative people who solve business problems. Our Client Services department is responsible for initiating and managing client relationships, presenting strategic and creative work, and shepherding our internal and external teams to achieve our strategic objectives. McKee Wallwork is fast-paced, and a successful Administrative Assistant who thrives in this type of environment is the secret weapon of the Client Services team. He or she will need strong communication skills, organizational skills, and basic office skills. This job takes charm, patience, a good attitude, and grit.


Calendar management

Manage complex and fast-changing calendars for the entire Client Services team. This means prioritizing different needs and aligning calendars with internal and external teams.

Presentation Preparation

We frequently host clients in our office, and it’s important to make an impact. The Administrative Assistant will be responsible for ordering, picking up, and arranging meals and refreshments for these meetings; preparing or “dressing” the room for presentations, and ensuring that all parties and materials are ready for showtime.


We are only as good as our written word. Proofreading presentations, deliverables, contracts, and other materials are vital to executing near-perfectly every time.


Meetings are where the magic happens. The Administrative Assistant is responsible for transcribing meeting notes, recordings, and meeting material into appropriate applications as directed by the team.


Support the research team to prepare one-off research assignments.

Miscellaneous Activities

Archive, handle data entry, provide administrative support, cover the front desk as needed, and assist the Agency Coordinator in managing travel arrangements.

Required Skills

If the above describes you, please send a cover letter and resume to Dayna Melvin at