Power Branding

By Steve McKee

Every one of the most successful companies in the world was once a mere startup. So what do they know that you don’t? Steve McKee exposes the hidden-in-plain-sight secrets of world-renowned brands, allowing businesses of all sizes to understand how to enhance their own growth strategies. Power Branding will enlighten, encourage and empower you not only to do things differently, but to change the way you think about how to generate healthy, consistent growth.




“Both readable and wise—a rare combination—this book will be a welcome counselor to both the CMO and CEO as they look to build and nurture their most important asset—their company’s brand.”
—Jon Iwata, SVP, Marketing and Communications, IBM

“Steve McKee is masterful in taking the theoretical and making it real.  Continuing his approach from his previous informative book, When Growth Stalls, Steve looks at a business’s most valuable but misunderstood asset, its brand, and aids readers with a look in the mirror at how they are managing theirs.”
—Tommy Millner, Chief Executive Officer, Cabela’s Inc.

“In Power Branding Steve McKee delivers a knockout that should be mandatory reading in every business school in America. This is now the definitive book on modern branding.”
—Jay Baer, New York Times bestselling author of Youtilty

“Steve McKee breaks brand strategy down into bite size pieces with concrete examples to consider. With a simple and compelling message, Mr. McKee’s book is so thought provoking that I am giving a copy to my entire senior management team.”

“I found the book entertaining, insightful and best in class on the subject of branding. For those of us interested in building exceptional companies, Steve shows us how essential and powerful it is when we develop and communicate our brand in alignment with our Vision, Mission and Value Proposition. For leaders looking to internally inspire, motivate, and spur creativity and growth while building great cultures and lasting customer loyalty, this book is invaluable.”
—Kim Bang, Former CEO, Bloomberg Tradebook

“Most business books these days either rehash the same themes or merely validate what you already know. It’s refreshing to read Power Branding and be able to apply so many things both your customers and marketing team will appreciate.”
—Jay Steinfeld, CEO/Founder, Blinds.com

“The reason Steve is one of today’s most insightful and prescient business writers is because he is an honest-to-goodness, highly successful marketing and branding practitioner – not a gadfly commentator. In “Power Branding”, Steve draws on his deep, real-world experience to show precisely why (and how) you can transform your brand from ‘meh’ to ‘Holy Cow’. If you want your product or service to truly stand out in a crowded marketplace, buy this book. (If you don’t, buy it anyway – Steve will convince you why you’re wrong by the end of chapter three.) And don’t think “Power Branding” isn’t for you just because you’re a small company: as Steve says, every one of the world’s most successful brands started from nothing.”
—Les McKeown, WSJ and USA Today bestselling author of “Predictable Success: Getting Your Organization On the Growth Track – and Keeping It There” and “The Synergist: How to Lead Your Team to Predictable Success”

“Steve McKee is a marketer’s personal trainer, and Power Branding is a great workout for any plan.  Tons of practical ways to shake the dust off any brand. Every marketer…scratch that, every business person needs to read Power Branding.  This is not one that will sit on the shelf–you’ll dog-ear the heck out of it and find yourself creating your new plan with each power-packed chapter.”
—Steve Born, VP, Marketing, Globus Family of Brands

“Any business, regardless of size or scope, will gain a lifetime of practical value from the lessons in Power Branding.”
—John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing

“As stewards of strong brands, we have a fundamental obligation to nurture and support our greatest asset.  Power Branding seamlessly weaves together the most important and relevant concepts to this end in an enjoyable, easy-to-read manner that will be required reading for our entire marketing and sales team.”
—Todd Talbot, President of Fluidmaster, Inc.

“Building on his insightful work in BusinessWeek.com and “When Growth Stalls,” Steve does an amazing job of making the potential of “Power Branding” accessible to us all.”
—Michael Brenner, Blogger, Speaker and Vice President of Marketing and Content Strategy at SAP

“Steve worked with our brand to help us very successfully find our brand voice. This book  is filled with many of the strategies he used.  It’s a common sense, how-to book that CEOs and business leaders who want to grow their brands should read.”
—Mary Kennedy Thompson, President, Mr. Rooter Plumbing

“Power Branding is a unique journey into the heart and soul of a brand. I plan to use this book as a brainstorming tool with my organization, which is working hard to make our century-plus old brand more relevant in today’s marketplace. This is a great read for you and your company!”
—Mark Korros, CEO, Pendleton Woolen Mills

“Great arguments, great organization, great examples! Power Branding works so well as a book because it cuts right to the heart of what it means to be a brand in the digital age. This book is a must-read for any professional hoping to keep up in the era of the social business!”
—Cheryl Burgess, author of The Social Employee, and CEO, Blue Focus Marketing

“Another book on branding? No. This is not just another book on branding. Steve McKee walks readers through the who, what, how, where and when to help business leaders and marketers get their brand on track. He even includes the “whoops” so we can learn from others’ mistakes. This is an important read full of practical examples for businesses small and large.”
—Lisa Gerber, Big Leap Creative

“Power Branding helps you cut through information overload and use audience, strategy, creativity, and execution to build a brand…a long-lasting brand that withstands the perils of instant gratification and the shiny, new penny.”
—Gini Dietrich, founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, co-author of Marketing and the Round, and author of Spin Sucks

“Power Branding is valuable because Steve covers all the good practices great companies visibly use to be successful.  Power Branding is a must-read because it reveals so many shrewd concepts that are not obvious.”
—Al Pepi, Alonti Catering and Alonti Cafes

“Power Branding brings relevance to evergreen branding principles which every company needs.  Definitely a resource to keep around when you have to make some tough decisions about your brand.”
—Cody Vance Pierce, Vice President Of Marketing, Pizza Ranch