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The Future of Creativity



Is it possible that a static, isolated life becomes a liability rather than an asset for the future creative? The consideration is not that all creatives live in a van, enjoying the hippie gypsy lifestyle. Yet, if creatives are to be the leaders shaping our collective future culture, then we must contemplate an alternate view of the value we offer beyond the subjectivity of aesthetics. The market’s demand of creatives has evolved.

 “We need to change how we use advertising to drive
value for clients, and more importantly for their customers.”

Dave Ortega, Creative Director of McKee Wallwork + Co.

As we ping-ponged our way through the American Southwest, among its widely diverse landscapes, we took time to pause in Albuquerque, N.M., where we had coffee and enjoyed a sweet potato empanada in a hundred year old bakery while meeting with Dave Ortega. He is all-in on driving simple, radical and innovative ideas for stale, stalled or stuck brands. As Creative Director of the well-awarded McKee Wallwork + Company, Dave strives to foster a culture and work force designed to develop exponentially valuable outcomes for clients—whether it is pitching and developing a television series, building graffiti artist robots, starting new companies in partnership with clients, or reimagining a collective and distributed team structure. The ability to translate inspiration into consistent, tangible results transcends productivity.