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Jenn doesn’t build bridges—she is one. With a natural aptitude for connecting people and ideas, she easily finds solutions to problems by linking seemingly disparate things, cultivates unique relationships, strings together intriguing prose, and finds meaning where most people would miss it. In her role as Digital Experience Orienteering Specialist, she helps bridge any gaps between our clients and their customers within their digital spaces. As a young girl, she and her father bonded over their Ham radios, reaching out to friends and strangers over great distances. Their shared passion led her to be named the youngest female to hold the highest level of licensure in amateur radio by the National Association for Amateur Radio at age 11. Jenn is an alumnus of Eastern New Mexico University, where she inhaled every interesting class she could enroll in (48 credits over the requirement, if you’re counting), graduating with a degree in Communications and Public Relations while simultaneously making Hall of Honors and All-American in both collegiate basketball and volleyball (after which both her numbers were retired). When she’s not improving connections for our clients, she’s “untangling her spaghetti” through writing, singing jazz standards, and recognizing the tremendous beauty in the in-between moments with her husband and three kids.