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It’s impossible to talk to Julianne and not learn something completely new. The San Antonio, TX native knows a lot. Like, a lot. Carrying around a wealth of knowledge that rivals Wikipedia itself, she tapped into the ultimate portal of information at a young age, discovering technology and the internet, and the endless opportunities for learning and expression that lay behind the screen. She earned a Master’s in Experimental Art & Technology and channels her love of the digital experience through her art and writing, which can be found both on and off the web, including Meow Wolf Denver. At MWC, Julianne uses her diverse perspectives to help shine a light on how we can connect our clients to their customers on a deeper level. When she’s not crafting narratives for brands, she’s immersed in gaming landscapes, trekking across the high New Mexican desert, holding dialogue with her cat, Toki, and, of course, adding to her data bank through prose.