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Liz is someone who knows what she wants but who always puts others’ wants first. Just walking within a 10-foot radius of her feels like you’ve just become the most important person in the building, regardless of who you are and how frequently you’ve crossed paths that day. Our Client Services Manager grew up in Texas but moved cities often. She thus made it her life’s work to make people feel welcome and at home in her presence, wherever she goes. She ultimately brought her Southern hospitality to New Mexico, where she spent a decade welcoming visitors from around the world as the Corporate Director of Branding and Special Events for Heritage Hotels and General Manager of Hotel Chaco. At MW, Liz ensures our clients are taken care of and their brands are graciously attended to while simultaneously creating strategic solutions to help them realize success. Outside of work, she spends her time binging episodes of Jeopardy, filling bellies with her cooking, and cultivating deep roots in Albuquerque with her husband and daughter.