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Molly puts the jolly in volley. Be it on the volleyball court or at the agency, she’s adept at setting up her team and clients for success, making sure no balls get dropped in the process, and hitting solutions out of the park (Wait. That’s a baseball reference…)—all with a smile and a laugh. OK, enough sports metaphors. Hailing from America’s Dairyland, our Client Service Associate graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison with a bachelor’s degree in Strategic Communication. She is a self-described “extravert to a fault” and a friend-described “mom-like caretaker,” and deeply values the relationships she fosters both personally and professionally. After a day of serving our clients, you can find her playing an amateur volleyball match, analyzing the differences between “Midwest Nice” and “Southwest Nice,” or eating tamales as she reads about Dalí while visiting Raleigh.