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Sha always smells like green chile. He also reeks of talent, but he would never tell you that. As humble as he is creative, Sha prefers to shine a light on solutions that will help our clients’ businesses grow rather than stand in the limelight himself. An artist and self-taught entrepreneur from a young age, he applied to design school as soon as he realized he could turn his passion into a living. His work has been recognized by Communication Arts and has impacted a myriad of industries, from food to funerals to finance. When he’s not working hard for our company, he’s working hard on his own business, designing and selling New Mexico-inspired products such as burrito coozies and green chile scented candles. His idea of relaxing includes participating in triathlons (he’s a bona fide Ironman, but he’d never tell you that, either), mountain biking, and spending time with his wife and their three dogs.