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Tiana has murdered dozens of people in cold blood. On paper, at least. You’d never guess it by meeting her, because she’s about as warm and compassionate as they come. Author of several published horror novels, our Content Copywriter is a master of offing characters in creative and gruesome ways. Fortunately, she’s talented at ensuring our clients’ brands thrive through her creative writing, as well, whipping up engaging content that enhances their digital presence. Tiana has experience writing for a plethora of industries, including but not limited to funeral services, finance, real estate, healthcare, construction, tax law, non-profits…you name it and she’ll become an expert at it. She spent her childhood living in no fewer than 30 US states as the daughter of a traveling boilermaker, exploring new towns between soaking in chapters of any book she could get her hands on. After a peaceful day of writing, she enjoys cooking killer meals, slaying video game zombies, and killing time discussing the theories of Baudrillard with her husband and pet rats.