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French Funerals & Cremations | YODO

French Funerals & Cremations, the largest and oldest funeral service company in New Mexico, was facing a series of challenges. No one wants to think about death, national trends show declining interest in traditional funerals, and funeral care is way behind the technological curve. As a result, French’s sales were in decline.

So, how can a brand in a no-interest category win when all the trends are working against it? By reinventing the category.

First, we created an angel investor-funded tech startup to move French’s offline operations online, leading the entire industry into the 21st century.

Then we rebranded French and launched a campaign including show-stopping outdoor boards, a first-in-the-market digital campaign, and next-level social media.

And we’re filming a TV pilot with a commitment from PBS for distribution.

Within days of the campaign’s launch, the local media took note and extended our reach via a variety of on-air segments and articles. French’s Facebook following increased by 63.94% and impressions grew 319.84%. And sales have bucked industry trends with consistent month-over-month gains.

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