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Courtesy or Else

Clichés exist in every category whether it’s shimmering cars on exotic roadways in automotive ads, or smiling patients holding hands with physicians in healthcare marketing. The same can be said of internal communications, where insecurity, low budgets and lack of vision hamper quality work.

Mr. Rooter, one of the largest plumbing franchises in the nation, believes culture and process are part and parcel of its success. So when we recommended a drastically different approach to training its plumbing technicians, several alarm bells went off. How will the employees and franchisees take humor? Is it even possible to entertain while educating? What is the ROI on a training video?

But tough questions never stopped the forward-thinking company before, and after a little more discussion, everyone was on board. And that’s when we embarked on a journey to create an industry-leading, expectation-busting training video.

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