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Davita Medical Group believes that healthcare should be more than just a trip to the doctor’s office. It’s a belief that has helped them grow into one of Albuquerque’s largest providers. Although it’s been a founding value of the company, it hasn’t always been articulated to the public.

A person’s health is affected by everything they do; their lifestyle, diet, stress levels, how much sleep they get. Symptoms and tests don’t always tell the complete story. But when you build dedicated patient relationships, they don’t need to. When your doctor has a deeper understanding of who you are, they’re able to find long-term solutions. The next time you can’t figure out where your shooting back pain is coming from, your Davita Medical Group doctor will know you probably haven’t changed your mattress since you slept in a bunkbed.

Such a fresh approach to healthcare demanded an equally fresh approach to healthcare marketing. So we ditched the stock photos with the fake doctors and fake smiles, and instead created hard-hitting, honest ads that provide real value. After all, a checkup is just one aspect of what it takes to stay healthy. When it comes to patients, and marketing to them, everything matters.

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