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What's your slice?

If you’re familiar with In-N-Out Burger or Krispy Kreme, you can begin to understand the appeal of Dion’s Pizza. Over the course of three decades Dion’s developed a devoted following of passionate, loyal customers in its hometown—so much so that it could open store after store without ever needing to advertise. But when the time came to expand beyond its trade area, Dion’s was faced for the first time with introducing its brand to strangers. 

How to bottle brand Dion’s and export it to new markets? We began by turning to Dion’s most loyal followers to understand what it was that caused them to integrate the brand so much into their daily lives. It wasn’t just the tasty food, or the reasonable prices, or the comfortable environment that encourages friends and families to linger. It was about those unique and special connections that always seem to happen when people and pizza mix.

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