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This isn't about the end.

Placing a loved one in hospice care is one of life’s hardest experiences. Fear, pain, and uncertainty overwhelm what should be treasured final moments. Even worse, the messaging from Hospice brands adds another layer of confusion, painting unrealistic pictures of what hospice is really about. But Heritage Hospice is different.

To break through the clutter, we knew we had to stay away from the industry’s disingenuous approach. We also knew an honest conversation about hospice could be as winsome and reverent as our client’s tender care for their patients.

Our media team recommended outdoor and video as the ideal channels to get people talking, so we started with an aggressive billboard strategy in the target market, followed closely by a TV spot that became the hero of the campaign. The pieces don’t shy away from portraying the anxiety and difficulty that surround dying, but they reassuringly demonstrate the peace and support that Heritage provides through its hospice care.

At the most difficult moments, that gentle honesty is unlike anything else in the industry.

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