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Momentum for stalled, stuck, and stale industries.

Deere, cat and case are goliaths in their industries. We helped position hyundai Construction equipment as david.

Towering, macho machines. Mud-covered engines. Construction site yellow. Gray skies. The construction equipment industry has a look. Like truck commercials on steroids, every brand shouts that it’s tougher, stronger, and manlier than the others. Here, tradition and convention are everything.

Hyundai Construction Equipment wanted to stand apart from all that noise. So we tapped into Hyundai’s position in the market, their customer’s mindset, the design of their equipment, and even their company history. We realized that Hyundai really is different. Hyundai isn’t the traditional or conventional choice. It’s better. Hyundai is underestimated.

If the big, tough industry standards are Apollo Creed, Hyundai is Rocky. If they’re the British Empire, Hyundai is William Wallace. As fun as it is to be the king of the hill, there’s something even more appealing about the underdog that has to work harder—the one the rest don’t see coming.

Because when you’re underestimated, you’re dangerous.

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