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Paper and robots.

How does a company with a 100+ year heritage in paper products stay relevant in an increasingly digital world? International Paper transformed its business model over a several-year period to do just that. Which meant that the brand had to evolve as well.

MWC developed a new global brand platform that was integrated into every facet of the company, including International Paper’s trade show presence. To introduce the revitalized IP brand to uber-creative designers at the HOW Design Conference, we got uber-creative. Recognizing that most design ideas still start on paper, we wanted to demonstrate what happens when something digital returns there.

Meet Senseless Robot, the random-graffiti-art robot that created stunning displays on IP poster paper. Attendees could enter to win posters created by the robot by posting a photograph of the IP booth on Instagram. It worked. So well, in fact, that Instagram shut down our feed for having too much activity. No worries, though. Twitter substituted just fine. And International Paper stole the show.

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