Helping Stalled, Stuck, and Stale Brands

Mr. Rooter Plumbing

There are few things more frustrating than a broken sink, shower or toilet. Drain issues, no matter where they show up, leave people feeling frantic and desperate. But while there are approximately 3,587,942 DIY videos (give or take) on YouTube on how to fix plumbing problems, tackling the problem yourself can often make the situation worse, regardless of your monkey wrench and smartphone-wielding skills.

Our campaign empathizes with everyone who’s faced the daunting task of fixing their own toilet or sink by emphasizing how a backed-up drain can back up your whole life. A suite of print materials illustrate how a small clog can feel like every piece of food in your kitchen (or every toy in your kid’s closet) is somehow crammed down the sink. A radio ad helpfully explains the five stages of grief as a distraught homeowner processes his plumbing emergency. And a nationwide TV ad gives you a rare glimpse of a DIY-er in his natural habitat at the exact moment he realizes he should have called Mr. Rooter.

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