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What do database software, water ecosystems, and applied salt-rock mechanics have in common?

That’s the question everyone was asking when we were hired by RESPEC, a global firm with niche specialties as diverse as mining engineering and IT. A single, unified brand identity for such a complex and specialized company seemed nearly impossible. But we put our tried-and-true Charrette® process to work, conducting a painstaking study of RESPEC and its industry, leadership, clients, and approaches. As common threads emerged, we identified key elements that define RESPEC company-wide. Whether the project is a database, a mine, or a river, RESPEC is the expert’s expert, with a solid reputation for coming in and solving the problems nobody else knows how to tackle.

That’s where we focused to build RESPEC’s new identity. Using a bold color palette that shuns the industry-standard blues and grays, we created a new logo, “The Impossible R,” that communicates RESPEC’s ability to tackle the challenges that look impossible from every angle. We conducted a complete website redesign from the ground up, with a new structure to help the company’s disparate divisions work together. And we devised a new identity for the company, conveying RESPEC’s essence through print, online, video, and tradeshow executions.

By standing out against a sea of competition and pulling a complex company together in an intuitive way, the brand’s new identity pulls off exactly what RESPEC does every day: achieving the impossible.

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