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A New School of Branding

Tutor Doctor is an international in-home tutoring franchise with a unique approach and proven results. But they’ve struggled to break through the noise as thousands of learning centers, independent tutors, and Craigslist postings all claim to provide the same service. Tutor Doctor needed to stand apart, and they needed to do it while preserving the loyalty of a complicated network of franchise owners, tutors, parents, and teachers.

Enter our Charrette Planning Process. We helped Tutor Doctor understand their market, identify their target, and finally articulate where they fit into all of it. Tutor Doctor doesn’t just provide in-home tutoring, they are “how learning hits home.” With a comprehensive campaign spanning from websites to branded coffee containers, we brought it all to life. And the results didn’t just preserve the brand loyalty, they electrified it: “We couldn’t have anticipated the positive effect the rebrand would have had not only on our company, but also on franchise relations overall,” Tutor Doctor’s senior management told us. “The energy here is amazing.”

That’s a brand that hits home.

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